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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions for the JTAA Lacrosse 2024 Spring Rec Season

This information is about our yearly spring rec program. 


1. How old does my child need to be to play in the 2024 JTAA Lacrosse Spring Rec League? Is it based on age or grade?

To determine your player's age bracket, you can refer to the following USA Lacrosse guidelines:

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accommodate any request to play in the program if the child is born before 9/1/2009 for boys (14U) and 9/1/2008 for girls (15U). The program is not designed for players who will be playing for their high school lacrosse teams during the season.

3. When does the JTAA Rec Lacrosse season start and end?

The Town of Jupiter considers Rec Lacrosse a spring sport with practices starting in Mid-February and the season is planned to run through the first week in May. We play every Saturday during this time except during Spring Break period. The official full game schedule will not be available until February. This schedule is subject to change.

4. When does registration open for the 2024 spring rec season and where do I register my child?

JTAA Rec Lacrosse online registration will be open on 11/10/23. Regular registration ends early February 2024. Register early to secure your spot. Late registration includes a late fee. Due to the popularity of this program, late fees will not be waived regardless of the reason. When an age group is full, waitlisting will begin. For the past 10 seasons, waitlisting for some age groups started after the first four weeks of registration, so please take our advice and register as soon as registration opens.

Visit our Registration page for more details

5. What information do I need to register my child?

You will fill out a short online form and will be asked to pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit card. One important item to have with you at the time of registration will be your child's new or renewed US Lacrosse membership number. It is required at the time of registration.

This US Lacrosse membership is for your child, not for you as a parent. Each child that plays will need their own membership in his or her own name. You as a parent only need a US Lacrosse membership if you are coaching or are a board member in JTAA Lacrosse.

If your child needs to join US Lacrosse for the first time, or to renew your child's current membership, please visit :  US Lacrosse membership

For those who already have a current US Lacrosse membership for their child, please be aware that the membership must not expire prior to 5/07/24, it will ask you to renew before you can continue with the registration process.

To find out when your child's current membership expires, please visit:

We do not have access to your child's US Lacrosse membership, and cannot accept login access to your personal US Lacrosse account from you, therefore we cannot fix any US Lacrosse membership related issues. It is always best for you as parents/guardians to contact US Lacrosse directly before you attempt to register your child in our program. These issues are generally very minor in nature and can be fixed over the phone in just a few minutes.

With our streamlined registration form and by having this information with you at the time of registration, the whole process will only take a few minutes.


Registration Fees: Ages 6 and under, $185; Ages 7 through 15, $225; Third child, or more, $150, regardless of age group..

There is a late fee of $50.00 per player that will be charged beginning February 13, 2024. Late registration begins 2/13/24 and will tentatively close on 3/4/24. We do not waive late fees. We continue to have one of the lowest registration fees in South Florida youth rec lacrosse. For any questions regarding registration, please email

8. What is the refund policy for the spring rec season?

Any refund requests must be made by email only to and must be received no later than February 13, 2024 for a full 100% refund. For all refund requests, there is also a mandatory JTAA $15.00 processing fee.

There are no refunds starting February 13, 2024. There is a tremendous amount of work, costs, and deadlines that go into opening the season, and 2/13/24 is the absolute deadline for any refund request regardless of the reason. This deadline policy was approved by JTAA.

9. Is a health exam or physical required to play JTAA Lacrosse?

No. JTAA does not require proof of a health or physical exam to accompany your registration for any JTAA sport. At the time of registration, JTAA asks you to provide emergency contact information and to list any medical conditions and allergies your child has that you want us to be aware of. It is always advisable to contact your child's coach about any medical issues that you think he or she may need to be aware of.

10. Why are out of town players put on a wait list?


As a local community organization, JTAA is expected to serve the Jupiter/Tequesta residents first. Due to the popularity of this program, and the limited number of facilities and volunteers, JTAA was forced to adopt a new policy in September 2014 that automatically puts everyone on a waitlist when they register who live outside of the Jupiter/Tequesta area.

Once regular registration closes, out of area applicants may be accepted in the order received until the program becomes full. Therefore, it is important to register as early as possible if you are out of area. In December, you should receive an email to activate your child's spot. Those children whose parents have volunteered to coach will be given priority

JTAA Lacrosse did not turn away any out-of-town child in recent seasons and we fully anticipate being able to fill everybody's spot who goes on the wait list for this coming season, but that cannot be guaranteed.

Does JTAA Lacrosse offer scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors?

No. It was decided in August 2017 that JTAA stop offering college scholarships and instead put those funds into new equipment to better the experience of those kids currently participating. Some memorial scholarships are still available and can be found at:

JTAA Scholarships

Does JTAA Lacrosse offer a summer camp once the season is over?

No. The Town of Jupiter offers a youth lacrosse summer camp in July. You can find more information about it at:

Jupiter Camps


Yes! We are actively seeking sponsorships at all levels! Please email or contact any current board member to find out how to financially help with the season. 

We are also offering the sponsorship of game day playing fields.  This includes placement of company branded feather flags each game day and other marketing benefits.  Please visit our sponsorship page to see our current options:

I don't see a telephone number listed on the website. Who can I call?


JTAA Lacrosse does not have a central office so there is no main telephone number to call. JTAA Lacrosse is an organization run exclusively by volunteers who put in countless hours year round to make your child's rec lacrosse season a success. We communicate primarily by email. If you have a question or concern, please contact us by email and we will be happy to answer your question or we will forward it to the person who can best help with that particular situation. The vast majority of questions and concerns can easily be answered by email or by contacting a board member or coach directly. We ask that you respect this policy as these volunteers have career and personal responsibilities and rest assured will answer your question as soon as possible. If a phone call becomes necessary, someone with knowledge of your specific situation of course will call you