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Welcome to the 2024 JTAA Lacrosse Season!

Our season registration will begin on, or around, November 1, 2023.

Practices and season begin in the first few weeks of February, and season goes through about the first week of May.

Practices for each age group are twice a week for between an hour and an hour and a half depending on age group.  Generally an age group will be M/W or Tue/Thur.

There are 8 game weekends.  Games are between 9am and 12pm depending on registration numbers and age group.

Practices and games will be at Abacoa Community Park.

Player Registration

History of JTAA Tide Lacrosse

Are you familiar with the history of how JTAA Lacrosse was started? Not many people are and have asked us.

We have put together this history of the program including when it started and who helped start and shape JTAA Lacrosse in the early years, and how we became the largest youth rec lacrosse organization for both boys and girls in the southeastern United States today.

Our story is told so the kids are aware of all the hard work and countless hours of time and effort that have gone into this program for them to be able to play the game today.



5/09/2021 Jupiter High School Boys Lacrosse wins it's 2nd STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!



5/12/18 Jupiter High School Boys Lacrosse wins its first ever state championship, many of which are JTAA Lacrosse Alumni

JTAA Lacrosse announces in April that the 2019 will be an all in house program


First Annual Jupiter Lighthouse Shootout 7v7 Lacrosse Tournament at Lighthouse Park is the first ever town sanctioned lacrosse tournament

FiddleStix Coed U6 Lacrosse started in JTAA Lacrosse

Season enrollment record set for most kids ever registered to play

494 (310 boys and 184 girls)

27 Boys and Girls teams plus FiddleStix


Season Enrollment of 425 (274 boys and 151 girls)

24 Boys and Girls teams


* Friday Night Lights pre-season fundraiser record enrollment of 136 boys. New to Friday Night Lights is the Girls league with their own inaugural FNL debut of 53 registered girls.

* Season Enrollment of 410 (277 boys and 133 girls)

* 23 Boys and Girls teams


3/1/14 First Annual JHS/JTAA Jupiter Lacrosse Day Held at Jupiter High School

with the U7 Boys playing the first games of the day.

* Friday Night Lights pre-season fundraiser record enrollment of 111 boys

2014 saw 2 more local area middle schools form teams that took players away from JTAA 

* Season Enrollment of 407 (282 boys and 125 girls)

* 23 Boys and Girls teams


* Friday Night Lights first year as a pre-season fundraiser has 58 boys 
* Season Enrollment of 439 (302 boys and 137 girls)



* Season Enrollment of 422 (290 boys and 132 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 393 (267 boys and 126 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 327 (225 boys and 102 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 244 (178 boys and 66 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 228 (170 boys and 58 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 193 (143 boys and 50 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 212 (161 boys and 51 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 217 (169 boys and 48 girls)


* Season Enrollment of 210 (approximate)


* 2003 was the first year of Dwyer High School Lacrosse Club which was a direct result

of JTAA Lacrosse success and it took 50 to 60 kids from JTAA to play high school club.

* Season Enrollment of 200 (all from 3/23/03 news article)


* JTAA Executive Board announced that their newly added sport of lacrosse held two clinics during the winter and that each clinic drew more than 100 participants.

* Rendina Companies gave a $1000 donation to help start the JTAA Lacrosse program's first season.


The formation of the sport in JTAA began in 2000 in preparation for the first season in 2001

The first mention of JTAA Lacrosse on the website was on December 14, 2000 and posted the following (from

Palm Beach Revolution Boys Travel Lacrosse

Palm Beach Revolution Boys Travel Lacrosse

Girls Travel Lacrosse - Lax Maniax

Girls Travel Lacrosse - Lax Maniax

Tools of the trade

View photos from the 2002 Season

* Season Enrollment of 220 (from 3/23/03 news article)

View photos of the 2001 Summer Camp

* Season Enrollment of 100 (approximate, from JTAA history)

JTAA is looking for people interested in starting a Lacrosse League.

If you are interested in helping us start this recreational league, Please contact Sue Miller.

A free Lacrosse clinic backed by the US Lacrosse Association is being offered on January 20, 2001 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon at JCP for kids  8 to 18.  Come out to join the fun and try something new. For more information, you can contact Bobby Smith or Steve Caruso.

Founding Members
JTAA Lacrosse was started in 2000

Jim  Jacobs

Jim Jacobs

Founding Member

Hilary  Mendoza

Hilary Mendoza

Founding Member

Bobby  Smith

Bobby Smith

Founding Member

Mike  Celeste

Mike Celeste

Founding Member

Jeanne  Clark Lipin

Jeanne Clark Lipin

Founding Member

Steve  Caruso

Steve Caruso

Founding Member