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Frequently Asked Questions for the JTAA Lacrosse 2022 Spring Rec Season
This information is about our yearly spring rec program. 
1. How old does my child need to be to play in the 2022 JTAA Lacrosse Spring Rec League? Is it based on age or grade?
ANSWER: JTAA Lacrosse has boys and girls divisions based on the age levels displayed below:
2. What are the cut-offs for US Lacrosse ages?

ANSWER:  Please reference the chart below for the Spring 2022 season:

We cannot accommodate any request to play in the program if the child is born before 9/1/2007 for boys (14U) and 9/1/2006 for girls (15U).  The program is not designed for players who will be playing for their high school lacrosse teams during the season. 

3. When does the 2022 JTAA Rec Lacrosse season start and end?
ANSWER: The Town of Jupiter considers Rec Lacrosse a spring sport with practices starting February 14th/15th and the season is planned to run through May 7th. We play every Saturday during this time except a Spring Break period. There is intent to have teams occaisionally play at night, under the lights, during the week but that is dependent on a number of factors. The official full game schedule will not be available until February 2022. This schedule is subject to change.

4. When does registration open for the 2022 spring rec season and where do I register my child?

ANSWER: JTAA Rec Lacrosse online registration will be open on 11/25/21. Regular registration ends early February 2022. Register early to secure your spot. Late registration includes a late fee. Due to the popularity of this program, late fees will not be waived regardless of the reason. When an age group is full, wait listing will begin. For the past 10 seasons, wait listing for some age groups started after the first four weeks of registration, so please take our advice and register as soon as registration opens. The link to register online is located at 
www.jtaalacrosse.org/registration or www.jtaa.org starting on 11/25/21. For any questions regarding registration and to check on any available space after registration is closed, please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org.

5. What information do I need to register my child?
ANSWER:  You will fill out a short online form and will be asked to pay with a Visa or MasterCard credit card. One important item to have with you at the time of registration will be your child's new or renewed US Lacrosse membership number. It is required at the time of registration.
This US Lacrosse membership is for your child, not for you as a parent. Each child that plays will need their own membership in his or her own name. You as a parent only need a US Lacrosse membership if you are coaching or are a board member in JTAA Lacrosse.
If your child needs to join US Lacrosse for the first time, or to renew your child's current membership, please visit http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership or contact US Lacrosse Member Services at 410-235-6882 ext 102. Customer service hours can be found here
For those who already have a current US Lacrosse membership for their child, please be aware that the membership must not expire prior to 5/07/22, it will ask you to renew before you can continue with the registration process.
To find out when your child's current membership expires, please visit https://www.uslacrosse.org/membership/membership-faq
We do not have access to your child's US Lacrosse membership, and cannot accept login access to your personal US Lacrosse account from you, therefore we cannot fix any US Lacrosse membership related issues. It is always best for you as parents/guardians to contact US Lacrosse directly before you attempt to register your child in our program. These issues are generally very minor in nature and can be fixed over the phone in just a few minutes.
With our streamlined registration form and by having this information with you at the time of registration, the whole process will only take a few minutes.

6. What is the registration fee to play JTAA Lacrosse?

ANSWER: The registration fee for the 2021 spring rec season is $185.00 for 6U boys and girls, and is $225.00 for 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U boys and girls. There is a late fee of $50.00 per player that will be charged beginning February 13, 2022. Late registration begins 2/13/22 and will tentatively close on 3/4/22. We do not waive late fees. We continue to have one of the lowest registration fees in South Florida youth rec lacrosse. For any questions regarding registration, please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org.

7. Are there scholarships or financial aid available to help me cover the cost of registration?

ANSWER: Yes. JTAA Policy provides that no child be denied the opportunity to participate in its athletic programs due to financial considerations. The Miami Marlins and St Louis Cardinals organizations set aside a portion of their Spring Training revenues every year to support youth sports in the Jupiter-Tequesta area.  JTAA utilizes all of these donations to help fund 50% to 100% registration scholarships for financially challenged families in our community. To apply for a scholarship for the upcoming season, please visit www.jtaa.org/scholarships and follow the instructions. All scholarship players must also have a valid membership to US Lacrosse and JTAA Lacrosse cannot sign up your child for a membership or pay for that membership. That is the parent or guardian's responsibility and further information about US Lacrosse membership requirements can be found in questions #28 and #29 below. For any further questions regarding scholarship information and registration, please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org.

8. What is the refund policy for the spring rec season?

ANSWER: Any refund requests must be made by email only to Lacrosse@jtaa.org and must be received no later than February 13, 2022 for a full 100% refund. For all refund requests, there is also a mandatory JTAA $15.00 processing fee.
There are no refunds starting February 13, 2022. There is a tremendous amount of work, costs, and deadlines that go into opening the season, and 2/13/22 is the absolute deadline for any refund request regardless of the reason. This deadline policy was approved by JTAA.

9. My child is trying out for one of the local middle school lacrosse teams in January. Can I hold a spot now with JTAA Lacrosse and cancel later?

ANSWER: JTAA Lacrosse has grown dramatically in recent years and has a finite number of spots in every age group due to available coaches, field space, and other league factors. We must fill those spots on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot hold any spots without registering as it is not fair to others who want to register now and definitely play JTAA Lacrosse this upcoming season. Registering online and paying the registration fee at the time of registration is the only way to secure your spot with JTAA Lacrosse. Please keep in mind that if you register with us and then decide to play middle school instead, our deadline for refund requests is 2/13/22 and can be found above in FAQ# 8.
We recognize that middle school lacrosse also has grown very fast in the past few years. With that, we know there are only so many spots on the middle school teams, and with many more kids trying out for those finite number of spots than have in past years, we realize that we will have more parents coming to us in January wanting their son to play JTAA Lacrosse after having not made their middle school team. We never want to turn away any kid and we will do our best to accommodate your late registration and make room on a team or make another team. None of this can be guaranteed but promise we will do our best to make it happen.

Last season, statistically a majority of the children who played on their middle school lacrosse team also played JTAA Lacrosse at the same time, however only you know what is best for your personal family situation and schedule.

JTAA Lacrosse is not affiliated with the local middle school lacrosse teams and are separate organizations.

10. Why are out of town players automatically put on a wait list?

ANSWER: As a local community organization, JTAA is expected to serve the Jupiter/Tequesta residents first. Due to the popularity of this program, and the limited number of facilities and volunteers, JTAA was forced to adopt a new policy in September 2014 that automatically puts everyone on a waitlist when they register who live outside of the Jupiter/Tequesta area.
Once regular registration closes, out of area applicants may be accepted in the order received until the program becomes full. Therefore, it is important to register as early as possible if you are out of area. In December, you should receive an email to activate your child's spot. Those children whose parents have volunteered to coach will be given priority
JTAA Lacrosse did not turn away any out of town child in recent seasons and we fully anticipate being able to fill everybody's spot who goes on the wait list for this coming season, but that cannot be guaranteed.

11. Where are games and practices held?

ANSWER: All games for boys and girls will be held at Jupiter Community Park (JCP). The practices for boys and girls will be at Jupiter Community Park.

12. Where are the away games and how much travel is involved?

ANSWER: Starting in the 2019 rec season, we went to a predominately in house league with no travel.  In 2022, there may be some opportunity to play teams in the Martin County and Wellington areas but this will be entirely voluntary.

13. How often will the teams meet for practice and how often will they play games?

ANSWER: This depends on the division your child is playing in. Most age divisions practice 2 times per week on weeknights and practice start times will be 530pm to 630pm depending on your age group. Games are held on Saturday and game start times will be anywhere from 900am to 300pm. The younger age groups generally play earlier and the older age groups play later in the day, but this is never guaranteed. 6U plays one game every Saturday and 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U all play two games every Saturday. We play games every Saturday except during local school Spring Break.

We also have a few weeknight games for each team during the season and those are generally on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights with start times of 630pm or 730pm.Your team will likely have 3 or 4 weeknight games sometime during the season in addition to the regular Saturday games. 6U will only have one or two weeknight games. The weeknight games will also be at JCP.

The practice schedules will be available from your assigned coach in mid February and the official season game schedule will be available in late February.  First games will be scheduled on availability of lined fields.

14. Does my child need to be an experienced player or are new players welcome?
ANSWER: Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. Of course, new players are very welcome! Our intention is for players to first have fun and to learn the game of lacrosse in a rec league environment. Our coaches stress fundamentals such as passing, catching, and ground balls. It is also our intention that all players will play regardless of their ability and experience. We want this to be a fun and interactive experience for all players at all ages. US Lacrosse's Parent Guide offers a wealth of information for parents on all aspects of the game.

15. Can my child play down in a lower age division, or can my child play up in a higher age division?

ANSWER: No. Due to safety issues and fairness to the other players, all players will be placed in their respective age divisions according to their birth date and this policy will be strictly enforced. JTAA, JTAA Lacrosse, and SFYLL take the issue of "playing down" very seriously and we will not accommodate requests to play in a lower age division regardless of the reason.
ANSWER: We do not encourage play up but it can be allowed under some very special circumstances and the guidelines will vary from year to year, depending on how many registered players we have in the two respective age groups and other factors. For any potential play up requests, please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org and we can discuss the issue further.

16. Do you have player evaluations and draft process to select teams?
Yes. Boys in all age divisions will be asked to participate in player evaluations during the first week of practice. Coaches and board members will place players on teams to help ensure that each team is as competitive as possible. These are evaluations, not try-outs. Every child who wants to play will play in our rec program.
These player evaluations are necessary so that skill level can be distributed as evenly as possible among the teams. It is very important that all players be evaluated. We would rather have a player attend for a portion of their session than not come at all. To be fair to all coaches and players alike, if your son still cannot make the player evaluation session, they will be selected to a team through a blind draft "hat pick" process at the end of the draft. The coach that is due the next pick at the end of the draft process will be given the first "hat pick". JTAA Lacrosse's goal is to be as fair as possible in team selection and the "hat pick" rule helps to ensure that fairness and the integrity of the process. There are no exceptions to the "hat pick" rule.
17. How do I request that my child be placed on a specific team or with a specific coach?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot place kids on specific teams by request before the season starts. It is against our program rules and it helps to upset competitive balance. Each coach on the field is properly certified and qualified to coach your child. You can email us at Lacrosse@jtaa.org to discuss your specific situations such as carpooling and kids being on the same team with the coaches in your age division. We ask for a donation of $100 to the JTAA general scholarship fund for any requests that we can fulfill. We will present those requests to the coaches in your age group when teams are selected to work out a fair solution to all. In past seasons, just about all requests worked out for everyone.

18. Does JTAA Lacrosse have All Star teams?
ANSWER: No. JTAA Lacrosse does not field all star teams.  
19. Does the youngest division 6U play a full season of games?
ANSWER: Yes. The 6U Developmental Program is designed to introduce this age group to the sport of lacrosse. They will learn basic lacrosse concepts and skills through a series of drills and activities taught in a small group setting. Protective equipment (i.e., helmets, pads) is used in the 6U program. The instruction and activity level is age appropriate and prepares the young players for the 8U program. The 6U teams also play at JCP and will play the same Saturdays as the older divisions do.
20. How many players are on a lacrosse field and what are the positions?
ANSWER: We have transitioned to an in house program focusing on small sided play to better develop young players. We have been playing the small field 7v7 format since the 2019 rec season. There will be full field events later in the season for 12U and up. Full field lacrosse is generally played with 10 players (12 for girls) on the field for each team.
Lacrosse 7v7 positions break down to four basic roles, they are:
Attack – Offensive players focusing on scoring goals (2)
Midfielders – Players that play both offense and defense (2)
Defenders – Defensive players focused on defending the goal (2)
Goalies – Last line of defense committed to preventing the ball from entering the goal. (1)

6U boys is played with 5 players and a Shot Blocker instead of a goalie. 6U girls is with 4 players and a Shot Blocker instead of a goalie.  8U boys is a goalie league in 2022. 

For more information for beginning players and parents, US Lacrosse offers a very good information portal to anybody new to the sport located at http://www.uslacrosse.org/about-the-sport

21. What are Wall Ball Drills?

ANSWER: Wall Ball Drills help to develop, improve, and maintain stick skills and should be an objective of every lacrosse player. Those players at the top of the game consistently state that wall activities keep them in top form. Off-Season Steps to Success offers a good instruction sheet to follow. There are many good videos available online on wall ball instruction and here are a few to help get you started:
US Lacrosse Training Tips: Wall Ball
How To Play Wall Ball Correctly
Lacrosse Wall Ball Workout Video
How To Do A Wall Ball Drill

22. Where can I find rules for lacrosse?
ANSWER: For youth lacrosse, please visit http://www.uslacrosse.org/rules for up to date information on the rules of the game at the youth level. Each season your head coach will be provided with any new rules for the year and any additional/adjusted rules that have been adopted by our JTAA Lacrosse league.
23. Is JTAA Lacrosse going to enforce the newly adopted NCAA Men's Rule Change for the HS 4" Stringing Rule that started in 2017?
ANSWER: Yes.  The rule eliminates U and V throw strings.
The rule change is: Change to RULE 1-SECTION 19: "Any additional strings or laces (e.g., shooting strings) must be located within 4" of top of the crosse. No more than one sidewall string on each side is allowed. No crosse may have any tape affixed to the plastic. This does not include the crosse of a goalkeeper."
24. What equipment do Boys and Girls lacrosse players wear?
ANSWER: The following equipment is mandatory for 6U and up:
Lacrosse Helmet
Lacrosse Shoulder Pads (NOCSAE approved)
Lacrosse Arm Guards
Lacrosse Gloves
Lacrosse Stick
Mouthpiece with strap to attach to the facemask.
Uniform Shirt and Shorts
We provide each player with a uniform jersey, uniform shorts, practice jersey, and a shooting shirt.
Girls Lacrosse Gloves
Girls Lacrosse Stick
Girls Lacrosse Goggles
Uniform Shirt and Skirt
We provide each player with a uniform shirt, uniform skirt, and practice jersey
NOTE ON BALLS: All age groups use the standard size lacrosse ball meeting NOCSAE standards. Balls for boys and girls are generally similar in size and weight, however they differ in color. Balls may measure between 7 3/4 and 8 inches in circumference and should weigh between 5 and 5 1/4 ounces in weight. JTAA Lacrosse provides all balls.
25. Will JTAA Lacrosse provide player equipment or will players have to furnish their own equipment to play?
ANSWER: JTAA Lacrosse does not furnish player equipment. All players are responsible for their own equipment. These links on equipment from US Lacrosse will be very helpful:
NEW PLAYERS: For all new 6U and up players to the sport, we highly suggest looking for starter sets of pads and gloves, and less expensive beginning sticks, all of which can be found in local sporting goods stores and widely available online. You do not need to spend a fortune on equipment for the first year player. Many parents of first year players have borrowed equipment from older players that they are no longer using it, and have also found excellent used helmets, sticks, and other equipment on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Sidleine Swap, Craigslist, and other online shops.
Boys 6U and 8U players are well served to play with shorter sticks than a standard adult attack shaft and head.  Cutting down an adult shaft by 3 or 4 inches (or more) is a common way to fit the stick to the younger players.  Coaches can help with a suggested cutdown length if needed. 
26. JTAA Lacrosse used to furnish helmets to those who needed them. Do you still offer helmets?
ANSWER: No, JTAA Lacrosse does not offer helmets to borrow, rent, or for sale.
27. For boys lacrosse this season, can my son use his box lacrosse helmet or hockey helmet?
ANSWER: No. Every player in our league must use NOCSAE approved field helmets only. 
28. Why is a US Lacrosse membership required to play JTAA Lacrosse?

ANSWER: For insurance and league rule requirements, it is mandatory for all players, head coaches, asst coaches, referees, and league officials to be current members of US Lacrosse during the 2022 season. We must have 100% participation with every player and coach. This is such a serious issue for JTAA that you will not be able to register your child without providing your child's current and valid US Lacrosse membership number at the time of initial registration. The season runs through May 2022 so for the 2022 season, your US Lacrosse membership must be valid through May 2022. There are no exceptions to this policy.

29. How do I provide JTAA Lacrosse with the US Lacrosse Membership number?

ANSWER: This is a requirement at the time of registering your child to play JTAA Lacrosse. The system will prompt you for that information as soon as you choose to register for the sport of lacrosse. Please make sure you sign up for a new membership or renew your current membership with US Lacrosse prior to attempting to register with us online. The US Lacrosse membership must be for your child and the registration system will not accept your adult US Lacrosse membership number if you have one.
For all coaches to submit their valid US Lacrosse membership to us, you can do so at www.jtaa.org and click on Volunteer Registration.

Players and coaches cannot step onto the practice field or playing field for any JTAA Lacrosse evaluation, practice, or game until proof of a valid US Lacrosse membership is provided to JTAA Lacrosse. For more information on the US Lacrosse organization, to renew your membership, or to become a new member, please visit http://www.uslacrosse.org
30. Do you require proof of my child's health insurance coverage to register for JTAA Lacrosse?
ANSWER: No. We do not require your child's health insurance information because your child is a member of US Lacrosse that is described above. This US Lacrosse membership provides insurance in order for your child to be allowed to play JTAA Lacrosse. US Lacrosse partners with Bollinger Insurance to provide exclusive on-the-field coverage for all US Lacrosse members.
The US Lacrosse Member Insurance Program provides General Liability and Accident Medical Insurance to all members while participating in covered amateur lacrosse activities. The Insurance Program has been developed by the US Lacrosse Insurance/Risk Management Committee to establish high quality insurance standards for the sport and to provide protection to all registered members during the term of their membership.
For more information about coverages with US Lacrosse, please visit http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership/insurance
31. Is a health exam or physical required to play JTAA Lacrosse?
ANSWER: No. JTAA does not require proof of a health or physical exam to accompany your registration for any JTAA sport. At the time of registration, JTAA asks you to provide emergency contact information and to list any medical conditions and allergies your child has that you want us to be aware of. It is always advisable to contact your child's coach about any medical issues that you think he or she may need to be aware of.
32. Does JTAA Lacrosse offer scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors?

ANSWER: No. It was decided in August 2017 that JTAA stop offering college scholarships and instead put those funds into new equipment to better the experience of those kids currently participating. Some memorial scholarships are still available and can be found at www.jtaa.org/memorialscholarships. JTAA may develop a college scholarship in the future. Anyone interested in helping develop a JTAA college scholarship should email admin@jtaa.org.
33. Does JTAA Lacrosse offer a summer camp once the season is over? 
ANSWER: No. The Town of Jupiter offers a youth lacrosse summer camp in July. You can find more information about it at http://www.jupiter.fl.us/219/Camps.
34. Are there any paid employees in JTAA Lacrosse?
ANSWER: No. JTAA Lacrosse is run exclusively by volunteers who do what is in the best interest of your child first and foremost. JTAA Lacrosse is non-profit and do not put financial interests in mind first as for profit franchise youth leagues must do. We are always looking for help to better and grow the experience for the kids.
35. What is the philosophy of JTAA Lacrosse?
ANSWER: JTAA was founded to provide athletic activities for school age children of the Jupiter and Tequesta community. It is also the purpose of JTAA to help participants to develop strong, healthy bodies and minds; the highest type of sportsmanship, understanding of and respect for the rules; courage in defeat; modesty in victory; and themselves into becoming good citizens.
JTAA believes a youth program should be, as its name implies, a program for the kids. To win at any cost may be the proper attitude for the highly skilled professional, but it is contradictory to the basic objectives of JTAA Lacrosse. Stacking teams, tryout camps, all-star powerhouses, etc., may produce a climate of excellence for a talented few, but will not in the long run be beneficial to the vast majority of young people involved.
The JTAA "Tide" Lacrosse program was established in 2001 in response to the growing needs of the community. JTAA Tide Lacrosse develops skills, tradition and respect for the game, sportsmanship, manners and integrity towards others, while instilling a love for the sport of lacrosse.
36. Are you looking for coaches?
ANSWER: Absolutely. Please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org or contact any current board member and we will provide details on all coaching positions (Head Coaches and Asst Coaches) available for the upcoming 2022 rec season. All coaches must have a valid US Lacrosse Membership Number valid through the end of the 2022 rec season. 
37. Can I sponsor a team or make a donation to JTAA Lacrosse?
ANSWER: Yes! We are actively seeking sponsorships at all levels! Our team sponsorship is currently available at $700 per team and includes your company name on the back of your team's practice pinnies or end of the season shirts. Please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org or contact any current board member to find out how to financially help with the season. The deadline for the team practice pinnie sponsorship is 1/15/22.
We are also offering the sponsorship of game day playing fields.  This includes placement of company branded feather flags each game day and other marketing benefits.  Please email or contact a current board member if interested in learning more.
38. Are you looking for new board members?
ANSWER: Yes! We are always seeking new board members who would like to help guide, advise, and grow this lacrosse league well into the future. The election of new board members is done at the annual May board meeting. Board members are elected to a 3 year term. Please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org or contact any current board member to find out how to put your talent to work with JTAA Lacrosse.
39. Are you looking for new lacrosse officials to officiate your in-house rec and club travel games?

ANSWER: Yes! If you love the game of Lacrosse, then consider joining our JTAA Lacrosse Officials Association (JTAALOA) and become a lacrosse official for our in-house JTAA Rec Lacrosse League. It's a great way to stay in the game.

You need not be an ex-player or coach to become a great official and have a memorable officiating career. Working around student-athletes at all levels of lacrosse is gratifying, plus you will develop life long friendships with other officials who share your passion for the game.

Prior officiating experience is good but not required. Our in-house training program for 14 year olds on up to adult will prepare you for an enjoyable and successful start to an officiating career. Officiating lacrosse is also a great way to get and stay in shape, be a positive role model to student-athletes, retain your competitive edge and earn additional income. Current high school players who officiate our lacrosse games know it makes them better players once they learn the game from an official's perspective.

We're taking youth lacrosse in Florida to an entirely new level. We're just getting warmed up. We are looking for quality, not quantity. If you feel like you have what it takes to join us, we want to hear from you today.

For more information on how to join us, please contact us at Lacrosse@jtaa.org

40. I don't see a telephone number listed on the website. Who can I call?

ANSWER: JTAA Lacrosse does not have a central office so there is no main telephone number to call. JTAA Lacrosse is an organization run exclusively by volunteers who put in countless hours year round to make your child's rec lacrosse season a success. We communicate primarily by email. If you have a question or concern, please contact us by email and we will be happy to answer your question or we will forward it to the person who can best help with that particular situation. The vast majority of questions and concerns can easily be answered by email or by contacting a board member or coach directly. We ask that you respect this policy as these volunteers have career and personal responsibilities and rest assured will answer your question as soon as possible. If a phone call becomes necessary, someone with knowledge of your specific situation of course will call you.

41. Who should I contact? What email address is best to use?

ANSWER: For any general questions regarding JTAA Lacrosse, please contact us at Lacrosse@jtaa.org

For any questions regarding registration, wait listed players, and payments for 
JTAA Lacrosse, please contact our registrar at Lacrosse@jtaa.org.

42. What is your mailing address?
ANSWER: Our mailing address is:
JTAA Lacrosse
200 Military Trail
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Please note that mail is not picked up daily and may be up to two weeks before your correspondence is actually read by a JTAA Lacrosse volunteer. If it is anything urgent, please send an email to Lacrosse@jtaa.org.
43. I don't see my question here. Who can I ask?
ANSWER: Please email Lacrosse@jtaa.org or contact any current board member and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

These policies and guidelines are not designed to be restrictive, but are in place to ensure your child has a fun, safe, and rewarding experience learning the game of lacrosse in a youth rec league environment. There is a reason we are the largest youth rec lacrosse program in the southeastern United States and we greatly appreciate your help and cooperation in continuing to help JTAA Lacrosse be a great experience for many years to come. Thank you from JTAA Lacrosse.

"The Premier Youth Rec Lacrosse Program in South Florida"