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What are Wall Ball Drills?

Wall Ball Drills help to develop, improve, and maintain stick skills and should be an objective of every lacrosse player. Those players at the top of the game consistently state that wall activities keep them in top form.

Off-Season Steps to Success offers a good instruction sheet to follow.

There are many good videos available online on wall ball instruction. Here are a few to help get you started:

US Lacrosse Training Tips: Wall Ball

How To Play Wall Ball Correctly

Lacrosse Wall Ball Workout Video

How To Do A Wall Ball Drill


Workout and Training Videos

When No One is Watching - This 7 drill routine is geared towards all aspects of Professional lacrosse player Scott Ratliff's game so feel free to steal it and add to your training regimen. This video is intended to inspire and encourage players of all ages to put the work in "when no one is watching", because that is what it takes to be great.